Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ghetto life 101

I learned about how different the ghetto is from rural life.
There everyday life is so different from mine. Many kids in the ghetto know about durgs, and have seen someone get shot. People said that living is the ghetto is depressing, and it has changed for the worst.
When they interviewed his sister they asked how many of her friends have been killed, she said a little less then 40. For me that is amazing how someone so young could lose so many of her friends. That really shows what they go through and what its like in the ghetto.
Many people are in gangs, and many people have guns when they are really young. A lot of young people are selling drugs. One of the guys that they interviewed said he thinks he will be dead in ten years.
Kids learn not to snitch, they know what will get them shot, or killed.

That's what i learned about when we listened to Ghetto life 101

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