Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Poetry Friday has helped me become a better poet. I have learned a lot from doing this, it helps a lot. Especially in our class, some of us were very bad at poetry, and doing this made it so they could learn and understand how to write poetry. Now after we have been doing poetry Friday I have began to enjoy writing poetry. I think its a good thing that should be continued next year. I think it will help us so much more to continue this.

Snow White

My book was "The Fairest of All". This book is related to Snow White. It basically is Snow White. But it is more detailed and it is more focused on Snow Whites step-mom. It shows where she came from, what her life was before she married the king. It talks about how beautiful she is. It shows how much she really loved the king and the effects it had on her when he died. At the beginning it shows how nice she, and how much she loves Snow (Snow White). But when the king kept going out to war she got meaner and meaner. Then when she died she relied on the man in the mirror to keep her happy by telling her she was the fairest of all. If the mirror was to tell her someone else was the fairest of all, she would send them away. The queen got worse everyday, she made Snow work in the house and do chores. When Snow started to get older she was beautiful, and when the queen asked who was the fairest of all he said Snow. The queen was SO mad, but she couldn't send her away, so she tried having people kill Snow, and find things she could do that would take her away from the house for awhile. But nothing worked... I haven't yet finished the book, but it is an extremely good book!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My cause

When I get out of here and become something and make money. I would donate money and help people and there family with there disorder to the American Heart Association. I would donate and help them because my grampa is currently dying from congestive heart failure. My grampa is a big part of my life, and I think he would enjoy it if I helped people with the same problems he has. He didn't have any help with his disorder because no one knew about it. But I know now, and I want to help.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My name

When I was little finding someone with the same name as me was a rare occasion. I thought I was the only Hayley. So unique, so different. When I finally found someone
with the same name I was so excited! I wasn’t alone. But now as I’m growing up I can’t go anywhere with out having another Hayley around. The drive to find more brought thousands. Spelled so many different ways. I thought I was the first, but no one can spell my name, and some can’t pronounce it. It’s so frustrating living a life with Hayley’s all around me. I want the feeling of being unique, different. All of the other Hayley’s can just leave. I was the first! To get rid of the confusion people call me Hale. Hale means retreat but Hayley means hero. I’m not afraid I don’t retreat. A hero is what I will be when I become an R.N. I was the first, and Hayley fits me the best!

Twin Dandelions

Bonded together by roots. Roots from two different parents. There are 4 others. Seeds not yet ready to be a flower. Floating in the wind, far and near. Not under the steady guidance. The two not quite ready to leave the field. We are waiting til fully grown and completely ready.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Moon

Coming out only at night. To shy for the day. To bright for the world. Hiding during the day shinning at night. I'm really shy and I hide myself from a lot of people during the day but at night there's not so many people, so I can shine and be myself.