Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm reading the book Impulse. The book is about three teenagers that are in Aspen Springs an institution. The first character is Conner. He tried killing himself by shooting himself in the chest. He wanted to kill himself because of his mom. She was always going out with guys, bringing them home and having sex with them, and she was always doing drugs around him. She never believed him. One of the guys she brought home raped him, he tried to tell her but she thought he was lying and when she showed her the blood she said he sat on something. So that drove him to the point where he wanted to kill himself.
The second character is Tony. He is in because of drugs. He tried to commit suicide, by taking a half a bottle of valium and a fifth of Jack Daniels.
The third character is Vanessa. She cut herself until she reached bone.
( it doesn't say why she did what she did yet. Or why Tony did what he did I'm not quiet done the book yet)
In the book it talks a lot about sex. Sex is usually there topic, everyday at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyone wants sex. In the book Conner says he could walk into the cafeteria and see girls all over girls, guys all over guys, and girl on guy. Its ever a dull moment. Many people are lonely so they want someone, and sex is the best thing for them. In some parts of the book it gets very detailed when they talk about sex.
In some of the book it talks about when there family came into to see them and talk to them about there problems. For some of them seeing there family made them kinda happy, but with other people it made them very upset. Seeing there family made them think of many things. Like how they made there families life, and how there life's will be when they get out. When there families come to visit with them, they have to talk to a counselor and try and fix there problems, and talk to them about what they can do when they get out to try and stay on the right track.
They have levels that everyone needs to reach. Level one is they stay in there room. Level two they get to go out and take classes. Level three they get to go to the movies, go to mall, etc..
Connor, Vanessa, and Tony have all made it to level three. They haven't been able to go out yet and do things because they just got into level three. To get level three they had to talk to there parents and tell them why they did the things they have done. They had to realize what they did and how that wasn't the right way to express there emotions.
Connor, Vanessa, and Tony are all doing things so they can get to the next level. Not because they want to, all they want to do is get out and be able to cut, take drugs. They want what they had before, with some changes. Like they want there parents to act different towards them. They don't want there parents to treat them like they are crazy and they need mental help. They want to be loved, understood, listened to, excepted like any other teenager. Feeling the pain of the blade tearing her skin, the head ache after a night of partying. That is all they know, that's all they want. ( I haven't yet finished the book so I'm not sure what happens when they get out.)

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