Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elie Wiesel

Today my class finished the book Night by Elie Wiesel. It is a very interesting book, it takes place during the Holocaust. At the beginning of the book Elie and his family have a home, a job, and friends, and they think that the war will be over before the Germans get to them. But eventually the Germans did get to them. They were in a cattle train for many days, and when they got to there first concentration camp they saw piles of dead decaying bodies. They were spit up into groups men went to one side and women and children went to the other side. Many of the women and children were killed. But Elie ended up staying with his dad through all the concentration camps they went to. At every camp they went to everything was hostile. Everyone there were undernourished. No one in the camp felt remorse for anyone. Everyone was there to survive, people abandon there family and friends. This book is so real , the brutality towards one race of people is so extreme. The extermination of Jewish people. All the struggles and torture these people went through is shown so well in this book.
This story really showed me everything Jewish people went through, all the struggles, everything. I learned so much from this. Learning about the Holocaust is something very interesting to me. So reading this book was definitely something I enjoyed. Hearing Elies story was astonishing it really opened my eyes. I knew the Holocaust happened, but I didn't know half the stuff Elie talked about in this book. The Germans are definitely cruel and savage people . Jewish people and other races of people lived in terror many years of life, and most of them didn't get out. They went through so many extreme things, getting beaten, having to run miles and miles with out stopping, working all the time with out a brake, never having enough to eat... These people who made it through this are so amazing, I commend them for everything they went through.

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