Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Born Shy

Always shy. To scared to talk to people. To afraid of what they would say. When I was little I wouldn't talk to anyone expesially my grandpa.
He is tall he talks loud his face is hard. But me little, short, skinny soft, quiet. My grandpa trying to talk to me talking with his loud stern voice, right in my face with hi scary big head. To afraid to listen, I ran behind my gram.
Now as I'm getting older I'm not as shy, my grandpa doesn't scare me. I can talk to most people. There are still somethings I can't do but I'm putting myself out there to gain confidence and brake out of my shyness. My own choice to brake free. I don't want to be shy. I want to be out there. Wanting to do so many things but I can't be shy for them. I spent many years being shy and I'm done. My voice is going to be heard. I want it to be heard.

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