Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Child soldiers

In many countries children are used as soldiers. After we read the book A Long Way Gone I got to know a lot more about child soldiers and why countries have child soldiers. After learning about this problem I really do not like the idea of children being used as soldiers. Many of the children are being forced into becoming soldiers and some are being drugged, so they think that they want to be there, and they want to kill people. Also many of them have lost their parents, or brothers or sisters. So they are emotionally venerable. Sometimes thinking other soldiers are their family, which keeps them comfortable, and the drugs keep them going.

I am strongly against this, because they are children. Most children go out and play with their friends, go to school, spend time with family. Not go to war, be abducted, or drugged so they can participate in killing. Children should have some where safe to go, people that make them feel safe, and learn about safety. They should not see people being slaughtered, and they should not be a part of slaughtering.

Some children com out of the war and go into rehab. Some of them have been on drugs for month, years. So it’s obviously going to be hard for them to come clean. But even after becoming clean they still have the memories. Maybe some fun but they have memories of seeing people being killed, tortured, and killing people them self.

No child should go through that, no child should be forced or drugged to kill. Maybe they can fit in little places, maybe theres a lot of them. But they should be in school learning and bettering them self, not being drugged or forced into be a low life killer.

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  1. I recently saw the film "Blood Diamond" when studying it in English, at school. I haven't stopped thinking about the child soldiers since. I cannot even think about what they must go through and i hate it. Myself being a child, it is hard to think that people the same age as me are going through this. When i am older, i want to volunteer at a rehab place for child soldiers.