Thursday, June 3, 2010

My name

When I was little finding someone with the same name as me was a rare occasion. I thought I was the only Hayley. So unique, so different. When I finally found someone
with the same name I was so excited! I wasn’t alone. But now as I’m growing up I can’t go anywhere with out having another Hayley around. The drive to find more brought thousands. Spelled so many different ways. I thought I was the first, but no one can spell my name, and some can’t pronounce it. It’s so frustrating living a life with Hayley’s all around me. I want the feeling of being unique, different. All of the other Hayley’s can just leave. I was the first! To get rid of the confusion people call me Hale. Hale means retreat but Hayley means hero. I’m not afraid I don’t retreat. A hero is what I will be when I become an R.N. I was the first, and Hayley fits me the best!

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  1. 知足常樂~~有這麼好的文章,人生足矣~~哈哈.........................