Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snow White

My book was "The Fairest of All". This book is related to Snow White. It basically is Snow White. But it is more detailed and it is more focused on Snow Whites step-mom. It shows where she came from, what her life was before she married the king. It talks about how beautiful she is. It shows how much she really loved the king and the effects it had on her when he died. At the beginning it shows how nice she, and how much she loves Snow (Snow White). But when the king kept going out to war she got meaner and meaner. Then when she died she relied on the man in the mirror to keep her happy by telling her she was the fairest of all. If the mirror was to tell her someone else was the fairest of all, she would send them away. The queen got worse everyday, she made Snow work in the house and do chores. When Snow started to get older she was beautiful, and when the queen asked who was the fairest of all he said Snow. The queen was SO mad, but she couldn't send her away, so she tried having people kill Snow, and find things she could do that would take her away from the house for awhile. But nothing worked... I haven't yet finished the book, but it is an extremely good book!

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