Thursday, January 21, 2010


As most people know there was a terrible earthquake in Haiti just last week. Leaving many people homeless, injured, and hungry. 70,000 people have died, they think more have died, but there not sure because many many people are still trapped in rubble. This was Haiti's strongest earthquake ever. It rattled the Caribbean Nation. Leaving hardly any buildings standing. Panic is all through the streets.
Many nations hurried to help Haiti, but it's not enough. This earthquake has damaged Haiti.
I personally think crazy. people are dying from little things that could be easily fix. I know everyone is doing everything they can but there has to be more we can do. Could you imagine living your everyday life one minute everything is fine then an earthquake. Seeing dead people all over the streets, no standing buildings. Not knowing if your friends or family is dead or not. Starving, having no home. Not knowing when you are going to eat again.

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